How can the 5 common vision problems be corrected?

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In this article, Zeelool will introduce you to common everyday eyeglass problems and how to correct them. Whether it's myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, Zeelool provides detailed explanations and correction methods. Regular eye exam and timely prescription renewal are key to ensuring the effectiveness of vision correction.


If your eyes see distant objects blurry but close objects clear, your eyes are myopic.

The most common way to correct myopia is by wearing concave lenses, known as myopia glasses or contact lenses. These lenses will create a proper concave surface in front of the eye, allowing light to refract properly upon entering the eye, thus improving the problem of myopia.



If your eyes are blurry when looking at near objects and clear when looking at distant objects, you have a farsightedness problem.

The most common way to correct farsightedness is through the use of convex lenses, known as farsightedness glasses or contact lenses. These lenses will create a proper convex surface in front of the eye so that light rays are properly refracted upon entering the eye, thus improving the farsightedness problem.



If your eyes are unable to focus light to a single point, but instead focus it on multiple points or lines, making your vision blurry or distorted, you have astigmatism.

Astigmatism is usually corrected using special cylinders or progressive multifocal lenses. Different areas of these lenses correspond to different powers, correcting astigmatism and providing clear vision.



If your eyes are less able to focus on close objects, it's because the lens in your eyes has gradually become less flexible and less able to adjust to close distances. This leads to the symptoms of presbyopia, which include difficulty seeing close objects clearly, such as reading books, newspapers, mobile phone screens, etc.

The most common way to correct presbyopia is to use progressive multifocal or bifocal lenses to provide correction for different viewing distances.



If your eyes are positioned abnormally so that both eyes cannot focus on the same object at the same time, you have strabismus.


Methods of correcting squinted eyes vary depending on the type and degree of squint. Here are some common corrections:

1) Eye muscle exercise:

Mild strabismus can be improved through eye muscle exercises, including eye movement, gaze target tracking and eye rotation, to enhance eye muscle control and promote binocular coordination.

2) Corrective glasses:

If strabismus is associated with a vision problem such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, the symptoms of strabismus can be improved by wearing appropriate corrective glasses to correct the vision problem.

3) Amblyopia treatment:

If strabismus is accompanied by amblyopia, the strabismus problem can be improved through treatment of amblyopia, which refers to incomplete visual development in one eye, resulting in weaker vision. Treatment of amblyopia may include wearing amblyopia corrective glasses, eye patch therapy, and vision therapy to promote the visual development of the amblyopic eye.

4) Extraocular muscle surgery:

If the strabismus problem is severe, it can be improved through extraocular muscle surgery, which adjusts the extraocular muscles around the eyeball to improve the position and coordination of the eyes.

The above eye problems can be examined through an optometry examination, which is performed by a professional ophthalmologist or optometrist. They will evaluate your vision condition and determine your required lens prescription, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc. to provide you with an eye prescription. You can then choose to purchase and wear prescription glasses. When choosing prescription glasses, you can select your frame shape that suits your personal style, the color of the frames, the type of lenses you need, the lens coatings. Additionally, you can consider factors such as the shape of your own face, the color of your skin, etc., to choose prescription glasses that best suit your needs.

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