Is It Necessary to Protect Ourselves From Blue Light?

Eye Health

Did you know that blue light is all around us in today's digital age? Our smartphones, tablets, and computers emit this potentially harmful light, which not only affects our eyesight but can also cause irreversible damage to the retina.

blue light hurt the eye

According to an online study, over 63.5% of Internet users experience some level of eyestrain, ranging from mild discomfort to severe damage. Thankfully, with the help of anti-blue light lenses, we can effectively block out 30-40% of the harmful blue rays, providing sufficient protection for daily use. It's important to note that 100% protection from blue light would result in the elimination of blue colors, which is only necessary in certain extreme cases.

Blue Light damage eye

If you want to learn more about blue light and its effects, click here for additional information. At Zeelool, we offer blue light blocking lenses crafted with the most advanced materials, ensuring a clear vision without any chromatic aberration.

Zeelool blue light blocking lenses

The price range for our beyond UV blue blocker lenses on our website starts from $24.99 and goes up to $68.99. Invest in your eye health and enjoy the benefits of blue light protection with our high-quality lenses.

Remember, taking steps to protect ourselves from blue light is essential in this digital era. Let Zeelool be your trusted companion in maintaining clear vision and safeguarding your eyes from the potential harm of blue light.

blue light blocking lenses

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