What are the types of tinted lenses for glasses?

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Tinted lenses are eyeglass lenses with a special color or tint. They are given a different color by a special tinting or coating technique, which affects the transmission and filtration of light. Each type of tinted lens has a different purpose and effect, providing a specific visual experience and function.

Here are a few common color tinted lenses and their characteristics:

1. Gray tinted lenses for glasses:

Gray tinted lenses are one of the most common color lenses. They provide a natural, balanced color perception, with no noticeable change in color. Suitable for everyday use, gray lenses reduce glare and provide true color perception.

Gray lenses for glasses

Gray tinted lenses for glasses

2. Brown tinted lenses for glasses:

Brown or brownish-red tinted lenses have high contrast, which enhances the outlines of objects. They provide warmth and reduced transmission of blue light, which makes them suitable for use in outdoor activities such as driving, hiking and water sports.

Brown Lenses for glasses

Brown tinted color lenses for glasses

Gradient brown tinted color glasses

Gradient brown tinted color glasses

3. Green tinted lenses for glasses:

Green tinted lenses enhance the contrast between red and blue, providing better color discrimination. They are suitable for outdoor activities, especially in green environments such as meadows or forests, and can bring comfortable and natural visual effects.

Green Lenses for glasses

Dark green tinted color glasses

4. Yellow/Orange tinted lenses for glasses:

Yellow or orange colored tinted lenses enhance the filtering of blue light and reduce the effects of glare and haze. They are suitable for activities in low-light conditions, such as driving at night or outdoor activities in cloudy and rainy weather. Yellow and orange lenses also improve contrast and make objects more clearly defined.

Yellow Lenses for glasses

Light yellow tinted color glasses

5. Pink tinted lenses for glasses:

Pink tinted lenses have a pink tint to the color filter. Pink lenses are also known as rose colored lenses or pink lenses in the optical industry. They change the color seen by filtering out light in a specific spectral range.

Pink Lenses for glasses

Pink tinted color glasses

6. Blue tinted lenses for glasses:

Blue tinted lenses are glasses that are tinted blue through a special color filter and are often used to reduce the transmission of blue light, which can lead to eye strain, visual discomfort and sleep problems when exposed to blue light radiation from electronic devices for prolonged periods of time. The purpose of blue lenses is to reduce the effects of this blue light, protect the eyes from overexposure, reduce eye fatigue, improve visual comfort, and help regulate sleep cycles.

Blue tinted lenses for glasses

Blue tinted color glasses

Blue tinted color glasses

7. Purple tinted lenses for glasses:

Purple tinted lenses have a color filter that gives a purple tint. Purple lenses change the colors seen by filtering out light in a specific spectral range. They are often used to enhance the perception of specific colors, adjust contrast, prevent glare, or provide a distinctive appearance.

Purple Lenses for glasses

These tinted color lenses are often used for fashion or special purposes with different cosmetic effects.

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