Zeelool’s “Street Artist” Series of Glasses You Have to Know

Fashion Inspiration

If you've been following Zeelool, you've probably noticed our dedication to expanding our collection of round-shaped and lightweight frames. Our latest addition, the "Street-Artist," embodies these characteristics perfectly.

Street Artist Series of Glasses

Crafted with TR90, the "Street-Artist" frames are incredibly lightweight and durable, making them the ideal companion for outdoor activities. What sets them apart is the featured keyhole bridge, which adds a touch of classic elegance to the vibrant world of modern art.

Street Artist Glasses

The "Street-Artist" collection is like a cryptic masterpiece, bursting with creativity. Each style draws inspiration from a specific type of graffiti, resulting in colors applied with a variety of effects: splashed, sprayed, and roller painted. In the "colored mess" versions, every pair becomes a unique canvas, as our street artist embraces randomness and allows the splashed colors to choose their favorite spots on the frames.

Street Artist eyeglasses

With the "Street-Artist" collection, we invite you to embrace the art of self-expression and make a statement with your eyewear. Let your style flourish and become a masterpiece of its own, all while enjoying the lightweight comfort and resilience that Zeelool frames provide.

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