10 tips on how to maintain and care for professional eyeglasses

Tips And Tricks

Cleaning and maintenance are necessary steps in keeping professional glasses clear and comfortable to wear. Performing simple maintenance at home can extend the lifespan of the frame and maintain its appearance. Here are some common methods recommended by Zeelool for maintaining professional frame glasses at home, helping you clean and maintain your professional glasses correctly.

1. Keep your hands clean:

Before manually cleaning your women eyeglasses or men eyeglasses, make sure to wash your hands with mild soap and water. Keeping your hands clean helps prevent dirt, oil, or lotion from transferring onto the lenses or frames.

Keep your hands clean

2. Regularly clean the glasses:

Gently clean the lenses with an ultra-fine microfiber cleaning cloth or specialized eyeglass cleaner. Use warm water and mild soap or detergent to gently clean the frames. Avoid using paper towels as they may scratch the lenses. Rinse the glasses with warm water before cleaning to remove any crumbs or particles.

Regularly clean the glasses

3. Drying method:

Gently dry the frames with a soft, clean cloth or ultra-fine microfiber cleaning cloth, ensuring they are completely dry. Avoid using rough tissues or towels that may scratch the surface of the frames.

Drying method

4. Avoid contact with chemical substances:

Avoid touching the glasses to chemical substances such as household cleaners, hairspray, perfume, or solvents, as they can damage the surface or coatings of the frames.

5. Avoid high-temperature environments:

Avoid touching the glasses to high temperatures, such as near heat sources, inside cars, or direct sunlight, because the heat can deform the frames or damage the coatings.

6. Proper removal of eyeglasses:

Avoid excessive bending or twisting of the frames to prevent damaging the temple arms or causing frame deformation. When taking off your glasses, use both hands to gently remove them, grasping the temple arms, and lifting them off your face, then place them in the glasses case.

Proper removal of eyeglasses

7. Regular inspections:

Regularly check for loose screws or damaged parts on the glasses. If any issues are found, promptly contact a professional eyeglass repair shop for repairs. They can make necessary adjustments to the frames, nose pads, or temple arms to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. If you are skilled, you can also adjust them at home manually.

8. Placing glasses lens-side upward:

When placing your glasses on a table or any other surface, ensure that the lenses are facing upward to prevent direct contact between the lenses and a hard surface, which can cause scratches.

Placing glasses lens-side upward

9. Proper storage of eyeglasses:

When not wearing your eyeglasses, place them in a dedicated glasses case or wrap them in a soft eyeglass cloth to avoid scratches or damage to the frames. Avoid placing glasses randomly in pockets, purses, or on desks, as they may rub against other items and get damaged.

Proper storage of eyeglasses

10. Regular eye exams:

Schedule regular eye exams with your optometrist to monitor your vision and ensure your prescription is up to date. Regular eye exams can also detect any potential issues with your eye health.

Regular eye exams

In conclusion, proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial for the long-term use and good visual performance of professional glasses. By following these tips, we can easily clean our eyeglasses and maintain their clarity and comfort. Regularly cleaning the lenses, proper storage of the glasses, and avoiding the use of harmful cleaners are key to keeping the eyeglasses in good condition. Let's develop good habits of cleaning and maintaining our glasses to provide the best protection for our visual health and comfort.

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