Consumer Affiliate Program(KOC)

Aim to reward our loyal consumers who always share our products in their daily life, Zeelool has started KOC program since August, 2021. Now the program has significant volume and a steadily growing number of new members.

No matter what you’re doing now and how many followers you have, join in our KOC program to be our Key Opinion Consumer!

Application Instructions

Participation Qualification

Basic condition: At least one completed order within the latest 12 months on Only for English site temporarily.

Joining-in Steps

Mobile phones may not be compatible, so it is recommended to use a computer to register or to log in.

Register at

Please add your social media links/ handles when registering.

Completing the registration, please click your account name on the left top of the page, then find your account ID.

Send us the information below

There is no place to attach the pics/message when sign up, so please send the following information to

a. Your account ID.

b. Screenshots of your Zeelool history orders within the latest 12 months.

Ready for promoting!

After confirming your orders & promoting channels, we will approve your application immediately and send you an email to guide you to promote.

Declined Reasons:

a. No screenshots of your history orders in the email.

b. The social media page you provided is private.

Termination and Changes

ZEELOOL reserves the right to

1. Suspend or terminate the KOC Program or a user’s right to participate in the KOC Program at any time for improper operations ( abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the & Conditions).

2. suspend accounts or remove cash rewards for improper operations.